About Tanvi Ratna

CEO Policy 4.0 | Global Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Policy Advisor

Tanvi Ratna is an advisor with premium, global and interdisciplinary experience in blockchain and policymaking. She has first-hand expertise in the blockchain regulatory environments of the world’s leading blockchain hubs. Previously, she was Blockchain lead at EY where she has handled government and enterprise projects, and for her work in blockchain policy was awarded a prestigious fellowship at the New America Foundation, Washington D.C. She has had a long career of policy work for leading global decision-makers, the US Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill, and several ministries and state governments, handling policy design, execution and liaison in live complex policy environments.
Her analyses have been featured in leading media houses such as Al Jazeera, The Diplomat, CoinTelegraph, Economic Times, Mint and others. She holds a Bachelors in engineering from Georgia Tech and a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

Blockchain Experience

Advisory and research on formulating cutting-egde blockchain and crypto policy frameworks


Conducted the world’s first ecosystem-level study on regulatory and innovation policies of 10 leading countries and regulatory bodies in the world -encompassing government representatives in Germany, France, Switzerland, USA,and other countries and regulatory bodies such as the FATF, EBA, ESMA and ECB.


Developed first comprehensive policy framework and study from the innovation perspective for India, for the financial and IT regulators


India's national delegate to ISO TC 307, the global blockchain and distributed ledger standards working group.


Organized cryptocurrency ecosystem and regulatory policy exchange between the governments of Switzerland and India.


Assisted state govts in India, such as the government of Karnataka.


Organized industry roundtables for NITI Aayog and other government bodies.

Designing and organizing strategic engagements for governments in blockchain 


Facilitated the Swiss Government in organizing a Swiss-India blockchain study tour in May 2019, curating participants from across the ecosystem in India - government, developers, community organizers, private sector


Convened a roundtable discussion between the NITI Aayog and top Indian blockchain developers


Designed and organized India’s largest Hackathon on Blockchain for Public Policy for the Government of Karnataka

Speeches & Workshops


Seminar on “India’s journey with blockchain” to attendees from Harvard and MIT at Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Seminar on “Comparing the regulatory approaches to blockchain of the world’s largest democracies” at the Dutch Blockchain week in Amsterdam.

Publication & Media

Policy Experience

Tanvi has global experience in strategy, analysis and project management in both government and political agencies. She has deep and broad experience in multiple policy sectors previously, equipping her well for the applications of technology to pressing issues in governance. She has worked in a hands-on manner with different ministries on cutting edge issues in policy making and leading global agencies such as:


Digital Transformation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Digital and Biometric identity

Fintech and Payments Banks

Entrepreneurship development and innovation policy


Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

Asian Development Bank

World Bank


Primary Economy

Digital Agriculture

Manufacturing and MSMEs


Political Experience

Campaign Management